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Enter and View

As a local Healthwatch we have a statutory power to Enter and View. This is our legal right to visit places that provide publicly funded health or care services to see and hear how people experience the services.

This gives us the opportunity to:
  • Collect the opinions and experiences of people using these services, their carers or relatives.
  • Talk to staff who are providing care.
  • See the nature and quality of services.
  • Develop insights and make recommendations to improve care.

We write and publish a report after each visit. Reports are shared with the organisation visited, the Care Quality Commission, commissioners, quality assurers, Healthwatch England and any other relevant partners.

Our enter and view volunteers

Our Authorised Representatives are the only people who can undertake a visit using our power to Enter and View local health and care services.


  • Anne Aldred
  • Emma Amez
  • Julie McNeill
  • Janine Newby-Robson


  • Brian Walker – Lead
  • Jane Garside
  • Jean Hobbs
  • Jo Smith
  • Josie Loh
  • Maria Garner
  • Rosemary Dickens

Everybody on this list has completed all of the training and background checks necessary to become an Enter and View Authorised Representative.

Updated 28 January 2020.