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Cardiology Services

In February 2017, Healthwatch Peterborough surveyed people attending the cardiology (heart services) department at Peterborough City Hospital to get patient and carer feedback on the planned move of Papworth Hospital to the Addenbrookes Hospital site in Spring 2018. The survey also aimed to find out whether patients wanted angioplasty (stenting) and implantation of cardiac defibrillators / specialised pacemakers to be available at Peterborough City Hospital.

The survey asked participants to rate the importance of five issues when receiving cardiology services, choosing from: Distance travelled for procedure, Distance travelled for follow up care, Waiting time for procedure, Continuity of care, and Reputation of the hospital, as well as asking them whether they would prefer to receive angioplasty and the implementation of specialised pacemakers at the new Papworth site or at Peterborough City Hospital.

Patients overwhelmingly wished for these services be provided at Peterborough City Hospital, with 92% of respondents choosing it as their preferred site.

All of the issues were viewed as either ‘probably’ or ‘very’ important by over 66% of respondents. Reputation of the hospital was viewed as the most important issue, with less than 10% of patients viewing it as ‘not’ or ‘probably not’ important.

Healthwatch Cambridgeshire and Peterborough will continue to monitor the move of Papworth hospital and its impact on patients going forward.

Cardiology Services Survey – February 2017