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Phyllis on the radio

26th March 2019

Picture shows woman with walker. Text says Phyllis, one woman and her family attempt to navigate the complex system of older people's careListen to Janice Connolly talk about being Phyllis and how her story is helping to improve health and care services for older people.

Janice plays Phyllis in a play about one woman’s journey through older people’s care services after an unexpected fall puts her in hospital. It was written and performed by the award winning Women & Theatre company.

They visited us earlier this month to help us talk about older people’s care here in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

We hope the conversations the play started will help the people who make decisions about older people’s service improve care and support for people like Phyllis and their families.

Janice was interviewed by Liz Keley, one of the producers at HCRFM. We would like to thank Liz and the team at HCRFM for allowing us to share their recording here.

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