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Help with Care Environment Assessment visits at your local hospital

27th March 2018

North West Anglia Trust are looking for volunteers to help with their Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment (PLACE) visits to Hinchingbrooke and Peterborough City Hospitals.

PLACE is the system for assessing the quality of the patient environment. The assessments involve local people (known as Patient Assessors) going into hospitals as part of teams to assess how the environment supports the provision of clinical care.

They look at things like:

  • privacy and dignity
  • food
  • cleanliness
  • general building maintenance
  • how dementia friendly it is
  • how accessible it is to people with disabilities

The assessment focuses exclusively on the environment in which care is delivered and does not cover clinical care provision or how well staff are doing their job

Could you help with either of these?

  • Tuesday 17 April, Peterborough City Hospital, 9am-5pm
  • Friday 20th April, Hinchingbrooke Hospital, 9am-5pm

If you are interested in helping with this, please get in touch with Helen Herbert, Deputy Care Quality Support Manager on 01733 678498 or email her at