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What we did last year to make care better

2nd August 2019

Our Easy Read report about last year tells people what we did to help make health and care better.

Our Easy Read report

We speak up for people who use health and social care services.

Health care helps you stay well. Social care is support to help you live independently at home or in a care home.

It is our job to tell health and care services:

  • What they do well.
  • What they need to do better.
  • How they can help people.

We talked to lots of people last year to find out what they think about local services. We let the people who make decisions about the services know what is most important to people.

Three things we did

  • We wrote a report to say how hard it was to get a dentist appointment for some people. We have said this needs to get better.
  • We helped people to take part in decisions to improve adult social care in Cambridgeshire.
  • We helped young people in Clare Lodge get more time with an advocate. An advocate is someone who can support you to speak up and have your say.

You can read our Easy Read annual report to find out about the things we have done. 

Read our Easy Read annual report here