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How has the covid-19 pandemic and lockdown affected your health and care?
Student Kirsty helps us launch our new survey

Health and social care services are working hard to care for us all in these difficult times. And the way most services are provided is changing to help keep people safe from covid-19.

How have these changes have affected you and those you care about?

We want to know if people have been able to get the help they need from services such as their GP, local hospital, dentist or pharmacy. And what community support has been like for those who are shielding or isolating because of coronavirus.

We're also finding out what toll the crisis has had on mental health and well-being.

I love the NHS: it's such a worthwhile service that really helps people when they need it. So, by taking part you can show why you love it too and help make it even better.
— Sawtry student Kirsty

About taking part

The survey is online, takes 10 minutes to complete and is anonymous. So you can share your or your family’s experiences in confidence. Good and bad.

What you say goes back to the people running the health and social care system so they understand what is working well or what needs to change and why. 

Please take part and help improve our local NHS and social care system and make sure everyone gets high quality and safe support.

Have your say and improve services for everybody

Tell us what it's been like for you, your family or someone you care for.

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If you need a paper questionnaire, please contact us.

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