Finding an NHS Dentist in Peterborough

Everyone should be able to get the care and advice they need to keep their teeth healthy. But lots of people tell us how hard it is to find an NHS dentist in Peterborough.
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Update: dental surgeries are able to open in England from Monday 8 June after the lockdown saw all routine appointments suspended.  

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Last year, we published a report Finding an NHS dentist in Peterborough and Fenland about the lack of services in our area. And as a result, NHS England gave extra funding to the dental access centres featured.

Are you having problems in finding a dentist in Peterborough?  Read on for information and advice on what to do.

Registering with a dentist

You can register for any dentist that’s convenient to you – it doesn’t have to be where you live. Unlike registering with a doctor, you’re not bound to a local catchment area. 

So you could look for a dentist near where you work, if that’s easier for you to get to.

Where’s your nearest dentist?

Use the NHS website to search for a dentist near you.

The site can also tell you:

  • which dental practices are currently taking on new patients
  • if they offer urgent appointments
  • how other people have rated the service.

Sometimes, these website records can get out of date. So you should always contact the dental practice direct to check. If information is incorrect, let them know when you get in touch.

Can’t find an NHS dentist accepting new patients?

If you’re struggling to find an NHS dentist which is taking on new patients, contact us for information about local services.

You can also contact NHS 111 online services, available here Or you can call them by dialing 111.

You should also tell NHS England about the issue, as it has a duty to provide routine and urgent dental care across the country.

Do you have a dental emergency?

If you need immediate care for your teeth, you should:

  • Ask your regular dentist if they can offer an emergency appointment
  • Contact one of the daytime dental access services in Cambridge, Huntingdon, Wisbech or Peterborough which provide urgent and emergency dental care.  Find out more
  • For out of hours dental emergencies, phone NHS 111 to help find local services
  • Visit A&E if you experience severe pain, heavy bleeding, or injuries to the face, mouth or teeth.

Dental care for people with disabilities/additional needs

Children, young people and adults who would not or cannot receive dental care from a general dentist can be seen by DentalHealthCare.

This specialised dental service in the community in Cambridgeshire sees people with a physical, sensory, intellectual, mental, medical, emotional or social impairment or disability.

However, patients wanting to access this special care service must be referred from a general dental practitioner.

Find out more about eligibility and referrals.

Questions about the special care service? Call 0300 555 6667 and press option 1.

Unhappy about your treatment?

If you have had a bad experience, please get in touch with us – we’d like to hear about it. 

Call 0330 355 1285

Text 0752 0635 176

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How much does dental treatment cost?

Even with an NHS dentist, most people will have to pay towards the cost of dental treatment, but some patients are exempt. Find out more

A basic routine examination, which includes diagnosis, advice, a scale and polish if clinically needed and some preventative care, costs £22.70 (as at August 2020). However, if you require further dental treatment this will be an extra cost.

Dental practices usually offer both NHS and private dental care. So check whether you are paying for NHS, private treatment, or both before you begin your treatment.

NHS dentists should always:

  • Explain which treatments are available on the NHS.
  • Explain which treatments are only available privately.
  • Make sure you know how much your NHS treatment and private treatment will cost.

Find out more about what you should expect to pay for treatment.

How to check if your dentist is qualified

A list of all qualified dentists in the UK is available via the register of the General Dental Council (GDC), which is the regulatory body for the profession.


Page checked 16 December 2020

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